My Top Tier Business Review

Matt Lloyd, the Man From M.O.B.E., Launches My Top Tier Business (MTTB)

Matt Lloyd is a young marketer who has made huge progress in the last few years.

A few short years ago he was ecking out an existence as an internet marketer – barely making $700 per month.

Then something ‘clicked’ and he started to make some real progress.  He had his first big breakthrough towards the end of 2011, when he had his first big month – more than $50,000!

But it wasn’t a fluke – moving into 2012 his (gross) income continued to spirall upwards.  Within 6 months he had his first six figure month!

Since then his business has grown and grown.  In fact in the last couple of months sales have been more than $4 million, with about half of that being paid out to his affiliates!

The Birth of My Top Tier Business (MTTB)

Matt Lloyd, like me, is a big advocate for the ‘top tier’ business model.  Lots of people join traditional network marketing (MLM) programs to make a buck.  The way this works is that you promote a small ticket product with small margins.  Because most of the margin the company makes available is paid for recruitment, the reality is that you need to build a huge team (typically 8,000 – 10,000) to make a modest $10,000 a month. How hard is that?

The other reality is that most people are hopeless at recruiting, so the spoils go to the very few who are masters in the field.

On the other hand the top tier model works on the basis that you market a big ticket product that pays a big margin to the seller.  It is NOT necessary to be a master recruiter and dynamic leader in top tier.

Matt Lloyd has been developing his own top tier/big ticket products for a couple of years now, which he marketed through his business – My Online Business Empire (M.O.B.E).  And certainly his business has grown dramatically as a reult.

But in June 2013 he decided to put the cat amongst the pidgeons and take everything to the next level.

– Introducing My Top Tier Business

My Top Tier Business is not really a business.  It’s more like a funnell system operating under the M.O.B.E. banner.

M.T.T.B. Products

The M.T.T.B.  products are not new.  Matt Lloyd developed them over the last 12 – 24 months and has been marketing them through his existing M.O.B.E. business.

However, since he launched the My Top Tier Business funnel, his sales have exploded

In essence there are 3 main products:

1. Licensee

Become a licensee and you get many of his best internet marketing training products.  As an existing customer of Matt’s I can vouch for the quality of his products, and have benefited from the knowledge gained.  In addition to that, you also gain a crucial profit benefit. As a licensee you move from standard affiliate commissions of approx 30 per cent, to 50 per cent or more – assuming you also choose to market his products.  The price of the Licensee package is a very reasonable $2,000.

2. Titanium Membership

The Titanium product is essentially an Internet Marketing conference held in exotic locations in different parts of the world, once or twice a year.  Lest the word ‘conference’ sound boring to you, it is anything but.  In fact the 3 day conference will likely ‘rock your socks off’.  More than a conference, it is an event which will teach you many of the best marketing strategies that will help you grow your business – even if you are NOT marketing Matt’s products.

More than this – you will hear from some of the best marketers on the planet.  This, plus the fact that you will be rubbing shoulders with lots of other like minded people suggests that significant benefits will flow from attendence.

Powerful connections will be made here.  Pricing is set at $9,000 and includes attendance for two people.  Matt pays for everything – luxury accomodation, food, drinks – except air fares.  Superficially it looks expensive but on reflection, it’s a bit of a bargain.

3. Platinum Membership

Platinum membership is another conference.  It’s designed to be an elite event for very serious wealth builders. Content is not just about internet marketing strategies and training.  It also includes potent training sessions on capital accumulation and wealth building strategies.

The thinking behind this conference is that it’s all very well learning how to grow your income with powerful internet marketing strategies, but once you’re making the big bucks, the next challenge is to hold onto it, and grow your wealth.

The conference is a 5 day event and like the Titanium ‘product’, the $15k price tag includes luxury accomodation for two people, plus all food and drinks.  Further, Matt pays for a number of extra curricular ‘wow factor’ activities, and also includes various elite inner circle style ongoing support programs so you can stay plugged in, long after the conference has ended.

Profit Margins

Profit margins or commissions are attractive for this reason:

Unlike MLM, the available margin is not split with 6-8 people in the upline, thereby denying the actual seller from maximing his/her income.  The margin is split two ways only – the seller or ‘qualified person’ receives the lion’s share which can be as much as 50% or more.  Leader’s also receive 5 per cent over ride on sales made by anyone in their team.  Very simple.

Because the products are big ticket, the dollar value of the commissions is attractive…….

Licensee.  $1,000

Titanium;  $3,000 (minimum)

Platinum.  $5,000 (minimum)

The Big Advantages of My Top Tier Business

Affiliates are reporting a big increase in conversions when comparing the results with the old sales funnel and the new MTTB funnel.

Reasons for this are varied but include:

1. 21 Step Program. A FREE 21 Step learning program for prospective clients.

2. Free Coach. A coach is assigned to each participant for free.

3. Step By Step Learning. An organised way for people to learn more about how the MTTB system works, as well as learn some of the best marketing strategies available today.

4. A Unique Guarantee. Make $1,000 in the first 30 days or Matt will give you back $500 from his own pocket (conditions apply).

5.  Conversions Are Done For You. This means no one to follow up, no phone calls to make.  MTTB does it all for you.

The Real Issue For Big Ticket Marketers

When it comes to making money in this arena, most people think the issue is lead generation.  Wrong.  I’ve trained loads of people how to generate leads, yet many still struggle to make sales.  Why?  Poor phone skills. And be certain that prospects DO need to be phoned for any product that costs more than a few hundred dollars. That is the reality.

And this is where the major point of difference with MTTB becomes apparent.   Matt Lloyd has invested lots of time and money in recruiting some top shelf phone sales people who will do the follow up for you.

(Note: If you are super effective on the phone, you can elect to follow up your own leads in retun for higher commission.  But for most people it is better to let the MTTB team do all the work for you)

Is My Top Tier Business For You?

Matt Lloyd has put a lot of effort into building a sales funnel that converts very well.  His funnel will do all the follow up for you, including email AND phone follow up (this is HUGE). By have Matt’s team take responsibility for making the sales for you, this leaves you to focus on one thing only – traffic generation.  And the beautiful thing is that his products (many of which you get when you purchase a license) will teach you exactly how to do that.

Is this for you?  Despite the foregoing you still need to bring certain attributes to the table such as:

  • Willingness and ability to learn
  • Great attitude
  • Persistence
  • Good work ethic
  • Self discipline
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Access to some funding

If you tick the boxes for most or all of the above points, MTTB could well be perfect for you.  Take the My Top Tier Business test drive HERE.

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