Robert Kiyosaki Australia – Money and You Exposed

Robert Kiyosaki The Truth

Robert Kiyosaki is the world famous author of mega best seller, Rich Dad Poor Dad.  He is also a property investor and entrepreneur. Before he wrote the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, Robert was involved in a number of ventures which all seemed to fail

One venture that he doesn’t like to talk about is Money and You.  When you hear Robert he talks about how this (unnamed) business helped him retire early in the late eighties.  But the truth is rather different – Money and You went bust after the Australian equivalent of Sixty Minutes did an expose of Money and You. Money and You was an experiential learning weekend seminar that was designed to equip participants with the skills and ‘tools’ needed to become more successful.

Critics said that its real purpose was to strip participants emotionally bare, making them subject to auto suggestion and manipulation by the instructor.  One technique was to run a Saturday ‘game’ late into the night.  This had the effect of encouraging participants to make commitments that they would not ordinarily do – simply because they were too exhausted to do otherwise.

The TV documentary gave evidence of how some participants suffered extreme emotional trauma (one committed suicide) as a result of attending Money and You. Not long after the documentary aired, Money and You soon closed down in Australia which was Robert Kiyosaki’s main money spinner at the time (he was virtually unknown in his native USA).

From there it appeared he spent time licking his wounds, before coming up with the idea to develop an experiential learning board game, which he called Cashflow 101.  He wanted to sell it for big bucks but wasn’t sure how to get the message out.

And that is how Rich Dad Poor Dad was born.  He wrote the book so he could sell the board game off the back end.  A stroke of genius.

The New Money and You

The above comments should be tempered by the fact that the Money and You program has been reborn and significantly revamped.  It is now a highly professional operation with advanced learning programs.  The program is now targetted at what it calls ‘global entrepreneurs’ or as they say on the Money and You web site: ‘The Only Experiential Learning Program For Global Entrepreneurs’.  Worth a look.


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